Bleacher Report’s Ultimate Guide to College Football Rivalry Weekend

Bleacher Report’s Ultimate Guide to College Football Rivalry Weekend

By | December 1, 2015

“If there was nothing else at stake—just good ol’ fashion hate, holiday bragging rights and maybe a sixer of a local IPA—this weekend, the last stand for many, would spawn plenty of emotion all by its lonesome.

See, before the College Football Playoff consumed every bit of our attention and turned us all into chaos zombies, there were rivalries. These matchups between two teams, usually tied together geographically—although not always—are the epicenter of our interests. They are essentially why we’re all here.

The first thing one does when he picks a college football team, before butchering the words of the fight song the first few times through, is learn who to hate. It’s on Page 1 of the manual.

Masked deep within this hate, of course, exists a great deal of respect. It’s not a respect you talk about or celebrate, but it’s there. This relationship between two programs is complicated.”

Is there anything better than rivalry week? No matter how great or terrible a team’s season is going, there’s nothing sweeter than beating a top rival. Celebrate rivalry week by picking up a College Vault tee of your team and enjoying all the best football games of the season. Here’s to making history!

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