College Vault Story
What is CV?

Legacies live on. Rituals grow richer. Traditions take root. True fandom never goes out of style. Especially not with college sports fans. Their passion is so strongly woven into the fabric of their being that it becomes part of their DNA. Their school pride passes on from generation to generation. That fan. That dyed-in-the-wool supporter. That’s why we launched the College Vault in 2007, to celebrate these fans and the time-honored traditions of their favorite teams.

Few institutions in the world match the visual iconographic history of American universities and colleges. From day one, the purpose of the College Vault has been to give new life to the retired logos, icons and images of these schools. So we dove headfirst into our research. We dug through heaps of history. And we plundered the archives of over 120 schools. There are 2,500 logos or word marks locked inside the Vault that are used to create unique, vintage-inspired clothing and accessories for only the most passionate and dedicated fans. Since these items are all officially approved, licensed and authenticated by the NCAA, colleges, universities and bowl games, genuine fans can be certain they are getting the genuine article.

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