Auburn University
Fans of Auburn University athletics are proud of their Tigers’ tradition. With nineteen combined national championships, three Heisman Trophy winners, and legendary names like John Heisman, Charles Barkley, Frank Thomas, Vicki Orr, and Bo Jackson, the Auburn pride is on full display every Saturday in the fall as 87,451 fans pack Jordan-Hare Stadium.
Top Rivals:
University of Alabama, University of Georgia
Style Facts:
Though Auburn’s mascot is the tiger, “War Eagle” is the battle cry for which their fight song is named. Folklore of this winged tradition dates back to 1892 when a golden eagle, rescued from a confederate battle field, broke loose from the former soldier who cared for him, and reportedly circled above the field at a football game as Auburn fans cheered with chants of “War Eagle, War Eagle!” Today, Auburn’s battle cry is the favored cheer of the Auburn Tigers who begin every home football game with an eagle circling the stadium as proud fans yell a slow, but very loud “Warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Eagle!”