Boston College
It makes sense that a historic city like Boston would be home to a college whose fight song, “For Boston,” is America’s oldest college fight song, dating back to 1885. From their home in Chestnut Hill, the Boston College Eagles have created some unforgettable moments in collegiate sports history. From Heisman Trophy winner Doug Flutie’s miraculous “Hail Mary” in 1984 to five national championships in ice hockey, the Eagles give their SuperFans plenty of reasons to be proud to chant, “We are BC.”
Top Rivals:
Notre Dame, Boston University
Style Facts:
Like the lyrics to their “For Boston” fight song, BC fans can thank spirited student T.J. Hurley (class of 1885) for their school colors. Hurley led a committee tasked with choosing BC’s official colors. And since BC is a Jesuit school, the committee selected the Papal colors maroon and gold. The student body unanimously approved the choice and BC’s legacy was born.