Georgia Institute of Technology
The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets call the heart of Atlanta home. Bobby Dodd Stadium offers an impressive view of the Atlanta skyline and is well steeped in tradition. Four National Championships claimed. Legendary coaches like Dodd and John Heisman. Over 150 players who have reached the NFL. Freshmen in RAT caps. The Ramblin’ Wreck. And a passionate fan base who has two favorite teams — the Yellow Jackets and whoever is playing the Georgia Bulldogs.
Yellow Jackets
Top Rivals:
University of Georgia
Style Facts:
One of the most unique traditions of Georgia Tech students is the RAT cap. It began in 1915, when freshman students dubbed, “Recruits at Tech,” were required to wear a gold cap to distinguish themselves from upperclassmen. The gold caps were to be worn every day until Georgia Tech beat Georgia in football. Freshmen were required to decorate their RAT cap by writing their name, hometown, major, graduation date, the scores of football games and an unkind message directed at the Georgia Bulldogs in distinct areas on their caps. Today, RAT caps are still given out to the incoming freshman class at the start of every school year.