New Mexico State University
Las Cruces College, New Mexico State University’s original name, was founded in 1888 to teach agriculture. These roots led to the nickname Aggies, a moniker the students and athletes have donned proudly with their crimson and white for more than a century. Fired up by mascot Pistol Pete and the “PRIDE” of New Mexico marching band, Aggie fans go crazy for their teams, especially Aggie basketball – regulars in the NCAA Tournament and the victors of more than a dozen Western Athletic Conference championships. Spirit also runs high when Aggies go head to head with the University of New Mexico during the Rio Grande Rivalry – a fierce annual competition across several sports.
Top Rivals:
University of Texas El Paso, University of New Mexico
Style Facts:
For many years, NMSU's athletics logo depicted an image of Frank “Pistol Pete” Eaton that mirrored Oklahoma State’s logo. In 2005, to revamp the university's image on the national stage, a new logo was designed with Pete wielding a lasso instead of pistols. Likewise, the Pistol Pete mascot traded in his six shooters for a lasso. The disarming of Pete led to a massive uproar among students and alumni, so a year later the lasso was booted and the six shooters were rightfully returned to both mascot and logo.