Northwestern University
After an especially ferocious showing, even while facing defeat in 1924, the “Purple” were dubbed “Wildcats” by a Chicago Daily sportswriter. As a charter member of the Big Ten Conference, the Northwestern Wildcats fans take part in a variety of cheering traditions. Often led by the spirited members of the Northwestern University Marching Band, students stand and reach out to the field with a Wildcats “claw” during third downs and the Northwestern University Cheerleaders lead the student section in rousing chants of “Go U! NU!” The team’s mascot, Willie the Wildcat, embodies the team’s fighting spirit. After each football win, Northwestern's iconic clock tower changes from white to purple for the next week. So, get ready to turn the clock purple because the Wildcats are always ready to pounce!
Top Rivals:
University of Illinois
Style Facts:
Purple became the official color of Northwestern University in 1892. Formerly the school used two colors, black and gold, which was then changed to purple and “old gold.” Eventually, a university committee decided too many schools were using those colors and opted for the iconic purple we see today.