Saint Joseph's University
“The Hawk Will Never Die.” That’s the motto for the Saint Joe’s sports teams. And with good reason. Their mascot, the Saint Joseph’s Hawk, flaps its wings continuously throughout every basketball game. In fact, ESPN estimated that the Hawk flaps its wings 3,500 times during a single regulation game. How long has this been going on? Well, the Hawk has not missed a men’s basketball game since its first one on January 4, 1956. Nearly 60 years later — in 2014 — the Hawk mascot was named the “Best College Basketball Tradition” by
Top Rivals:
Villanova University, Temple University
Style Facts:
SJU’s “Hawk” nickname dates back to 1929 when the yearbook editor sponsored a student body contest to come up with a symbol for the school. The “Hawk” edged out “Grenadiers” for being a great representation of “the fighting spirit of our crimson and gray athletes.” Much like its nickname, SJU’s Crimson and Gray school colors were also chosen by a student. In the 1890s, it’s believed that a young seminary student leading a pep rally was given the idea for the colors after he saw them paired together on a book he was holding.