Texas A&M University
At Texas A&M, traditions are a way of life. They form a common bond among generations of Aggies and fuel an unrivaled passion for their University. That passion is on full display on Saturdays when over 100,000 members of the 12th Man pack Kyle Field ready to stand, yell, and support their Fightin' Texas Aggie team.
Top Rivals:
University of Arkansas, Louisiana State University, University of Texas
Style Facts:
When A&M was an all-male military college in 1907, students often invited ladies from Texas Women’s University to take the train to College Station to attend Aggie football games. According to legend, during one football game the Aggies were being out-scored so badly that the ladies were threatening to leave the game from boredom. Therefore, the upperclassmen ordered the freshmen, or “fish,” to find a way to entertain the ladies. The freshmen raided a janitor’s closet and changed into the white coveralls they found there. They then began leading the crowd in yells from the track in front of the stands. The Yell Leaders have since evolved into a team of five upperclassmen, three seniors and two juniors; however, they still wear white uniforms as they did on that day in 1907.