The University of Oklahoma
How do you rattle your opponent while firing up your own team? Two words. “Boomer Sooner!” At every University of Oklahoma home game, fans repeatedly chant their favorite two words. The sheer volume creates a booming effect across their home stadium, the Palace on the Prairie. And no game is complete without the Sooner Schooner — a Conestoga wagon pulled by two white ponies named Boomer and Sooner. Seeing the Schooner and the “RUF/NEKS” tearing across the field makes the passionate fans go wild.
Top Rivals:
Oklahoma State University, University of Texas
Style Facts:
Any diehard Sooner fan would know that Crimson and Cream are the official colors of OU. But the university’s official school colors actually began as “crimson and corn.” In 1895, a committee chose “crimson and corn” to represent the school, but local merchants had a tough time determining what color to use for “corn” in apparel and merchandise. The colors naturally evolved to be the beloved Crimson and Cream they are today.