University of Delaware
The University of Delaware traces its origins to an academy with ten students, three of whom would go on to sign the Declaration of Independence. So it seems that a fighting spirit has been part of the UD Fightin’ Blue Hens from the very beginning. The football team holds an impressive six national titles and UD students are known to cause quite a racket at football and basketball games from their own section in the stands labeled “The Cockpit.”
Blue Hens
Top Rivals:
Villanova University, Delaware State University
Style Facts:
Since it was adopted in 1911, the Fightin’ Blue Hens has been one of the most unique nicknames in sports. As the state bird of Delaware, the nickname traces back to the Revolutionary War, when it was used to refer to a Delaware regiment of soldiers. And now as the face of UD athletics, YoUDee, the award-winning Fightin’ Blue Hen mascot, is a recognized symbol of courage and ferocity in battle.