University of Louisville
For fans and alumni of the University of Louisville, it’s “Louisville First, Cards Forever.” And lately, Cardinals’ fans have had a lot to cheer for. Louisville is the first university to ever win a BCS bowl game, place both its men’s and women’s basketball teams in the NCAA National Championship game and reach the College Baseball World Series in the same year. “All hail the Cardinal Spirit. All hail our U of L! Go Cards!”
Top Rivals:
University of Cincinnati, University of Kentucky
Style Facts:
In 1913, the University of Louisville adopted the Kentucky state bird, the cardinal, as the university’s mascot. Along with the mascot, the school also got its official colors of red and black from the bird. As one of the more active mascots, Louie the Cardinal is known for his dance moves, manning a T-shirt cannon and occasionally parachuting into Papa John's Stadium before home football games.