University of South Carolina
The opening strain of the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey blasts from the speakers in Williams-Brice Stadium, propelling the crowd of more than 80,000 to their feet in a wild pregame frenzy. Then, just as the music peaks, the South Carolina Gamecock football team comes storming onto the field. This ritual is so powerful and moving that Sporting News named it the “most exciting pregame entry in all of college football.”
Top Rivals:
Clemson University, University of Georgia
Style Facts:
Gamecock fans have perhaps the most stylish tailgating setup in all of college sports. Lined up on the railroad tracks just outside of Williams-Brice Stadium are 22 of the most well-appointed cabooses you’ll ever see. Each car on the “Cockaboose Railroad” features televisions, air conditioners, running water and a full living room for relaxation. This is how the other half ‘gates.