University of Utah
Any true University of Utah Ute knows that the fuss is all about the MUSS — the Mighty Utah Student Section. Named one of the top five student sections in the country by ESPN, the MUSS own some of the loudest and proudest collegiate sports traditions. In football season, the MUSS create an imposing home atmosphere with their 1st Down Chant, the U of U Chop, and by celebrating every touchdown by singing “Utah Man” as rounds are fired from the Ute Thunder. The MUSS intimidation continues with the 3rd Down Jump, which has been known to cause so many false starts by opposing teams that a running tally is kept throughout each season. During basketball games, the MUSS throw up the “U” during foul shouts, chant “Utes” after a free throw is made, and jump and yell continuously after the Utes sink a 3-pointer until their team gets the ball back.
Top Rivals:
Brigham Young University
Style Facts:
Paying homage to their official school colors of red and white, MUSS members are easily identified by their one-of-a-kind red T-shirts. With every new season comes a new shirt. That’s because MUSS members hold an annual design contest to pick a shirt. A tradition that has been running strong since 2007.