Utah State University
True Aggies know a lot about tradition. They know about the Be-no Club, Aggie Ice Cream and the four “Founding Fathers” howling during finals week. They also know about building on tradition. In 2013, Utah State and Wyoming upped the stakes of their century-old rivalry by playing for the Bridger Rifle — a .50-caliber Rocky Mountain Hawken rifle that was popular among mountain men of the 1800s.
Top Rivals:
University of Utah, Brigham Young University
Style Facts:
Utah State adopted blue as its official color in 1901 when it was first worn by the women’s basketball team. And while blue has been USU’s color for over a century, records show the shade has changed. Royal blue was initially chosen in 1901, and the school’s own vault contains a banner dating back to 1915 that is royal blue. But the vault also has letterman’s sweaters from the 1920s that are navy blue. Today, navy blue remains a dominant color for the Aggies, particularly after the school recently worked with Nike on a 15-month rebranding campaign that launched in 2012.