Western Kentucky University
It’s been standing strong since 1906. It sits atop “The Hill” and flows down into the Barren River valley. It’s home to over 21,000 Hilltoppers. Its mascot “Big Red” has appeared in a series of ESPN promotions and is one of the most popular characters in collegiate sports. It is… WKU.
Top Rivals:
Eastern Kentucky University, Middle Tennessee State University
Style Facts:
The Red Towel is WKU’s most famous athletic symbol. Hilltopper fans wave them emphatically while cheering for “Big Red” across any sport. And WKU’s athletic logo even resembles a hand waving a Red Towel. The legend of the Red Towel is tied to famous coach Edgar Allen Diddle, who coached WKU basketball from 1922–1964. Diddle was famous for always having a red towel in his hands to signal players and to wave at fans. And after coaching a whopping 1,062 games, the Red Towel became synonymous with Coach Diddle and was soon adopted by Hilltopper fans.